Under Review

2020 “Pacifism Under the Veil of Ignorance”

2020  “Enfranchising the Disenfranchised: Should Refugees Receive Political Rights in Liberal Democracies?”

2019 “Should Refugees Govern Refugee Camps?”

2019 “Fleeing From What? The Normative Origins of Refugee Status and the Need for Reform”


2020  “Abolishing Asylum and Violating the Human Rights of Refugees: Why Is It Tolerated? The Case of Hungary in the EU”. In: “Europe and the Refugee Response: A Crisis of Values?” (Gozdziak, E., Izabella, M. and Suter, B. (ed)) (forthcoming in Routledge, March 2020)


2018 “Unilateral Decisions on Migration and Their Effects: Towards an International Status Quo on Refugees, Harm and Responsibility”. iASK Working Paper Series II.2018/WP1