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Under Review

2021 “Migration in times of Covid-19: A story of political exclusion” together with Magdalena Ulceluse

2021 “Remedying International Illegitimacy? Refugees, Development, Redistribution and Autocracy”

2021 “What’s Political about Political Refugeehood? A Normative Re-Appraisal”


2021 “Should Refugees Govern Refugee Camps?” In: Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy (online first).

2021  “Enfranchising the Disenfranchised: Should Refugees Receive Political Rights in Liberal Democracies?” In: Citizenship Studies, 25 (1).

2021 “Refugees: The Politically Oppressed” In: Philosophy & Social Criticism, 47 (5).

2020 “What Makes the Public Special? Political Philosophy, Methodology and Politically Motivated Research” In: Australasian Philosophical Review, 4 (1).

2020  “Abolishing Asylum and Violating the Human Rights of Refugees: Why Is It Tolerated? The Case of Hungary in the EU”. In: “Europe and the Refugee Response: A Crisis of Values?” (Gozdziak, E., Izabella, M. and Suter, B. (ed))
Open Access and available here:

2018 “Unilateral Decisions on Migration and Their Effects: Towards an International Status Quo on Refugees, Harm and Responsibility”. iASK Working Paper Series II.2018/WP1